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Crossfire Services - May.11th, 2023

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  • Crossfire Services - May. 4th, 2023

    A CRISIS OF FAITH- Tonight at Crossfire, Pastor Paris Ragan preaches from Mark 8:14-21 and 27-30. Having eyes, see you not? and having ears, hear you not? and do you not remember? When I broke the five loaves among five thousand, how many baskets full of fragments took you up? Pastor Paris prea...

  • Crossfire Services - Apr. 20th, 2023

    PUT ON THE GARMENT OF PRAISE- Tonight at Crossfire, Pastor Tanner Kratzer reads Isaiah 61:3 discussing how the believer can trust God even in the most difficult of circumstances. If we place our faith in what He has provided, He will give us an abundance of joy, even over mourning. Everything w...

  • Crossfire Services - Apr. 13th, 2023

    UNDERSTANDING THE TRUTH- Tonight at Crossfire, Pastor Paris Ragan reads 1st John 4:1-6 and Acts 20:17 discussing the power of Jesus Christ that is within every believer. Paul warned the church in Ephesus of exactly what was taking place in the days of John, that there would be men within John’s ...