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  • Sunday Morning Service - Mar. 21st, 2021

    THE COMFORTER PART II— The moment we give our hearts to Jesus, we are worthy of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Today Pastor Donnie Swaggart encourages all believers who have not received the baptism of the Holy Spirit to do so, because this is the progression God wills for all His children. B...

  • Sunday Evening Service - Mar 15th, 2020

    As goes the church, so goes the nation. Tonight Brother Josh Rosenstern says it's time for the church to wake up. He says Christians are asleep and need to look in the mirror and then open the Word of God. He says in this crazy time of fear, it's easy to do the blame game and point the finger ...

  • Wednesday Evening Service - Apr. 7th, 2021

    WHAT A DAY OF REJOICING THAT WILL BE— When we get to heaven, we will see the throne of God and streets of gold; so get ready! Tonight Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart and panel discuss how God is not limited to time; past, present, or future, reading in Revelation 4:1-11. Brother Swaggart says in heav...

  • Crossfire Services - Apr. 8th, 2021

    THE MISSION OF JESUS— O what a gift! Tonight at Crossfire, Pastor Bob Cornell preaches from the Gospel of Luke exalting the gift of Jesus. This is when the Word, became flesh as John described in John chapter 1, and dwelt among us. The angel, Gabriel says to Mary, fear not Mary, for you have f...