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Insight is a daily program that reviews current events from a Biblical perspective. Hosted by John Rosenstern and his son Josh Rosenstern this program is is sure to bring the days events to light in a manner like no other.

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  • Insight - Nov. 18th, 2019

    Episode 1

    Today on Insight, John and Josh Rosenstern, discuss the number of churches in America, and just how many are preaching the true Gospel. They discuss the backlash of differences and variations of Protestant churches. They delve into Rapper Kanye West’s recent coming to the Lord. Both are optimi...

  • Insight - Nov. 13th, 2019

    Episode 2

    Today on Insight, impeachment hearings begin against President Trump. Brother John Rosenstern calls it a witch hunt. He applauds President Trump for standing strong for religious freedom in the US and the world. He encourages to pray for the President, as God will continue to give His favor if...

  • Insight - Nov. 8th, 2019

    Episode 3

    Today on Insight, Brother John Rosenstern celebrates his 60th birthday tomorrow. He and Brother Josh reminisce on the 1998 Camp Meeting, where the Lord impressed on Brother John to come to Lousiana and begin his ministry on SBN. Brother John says it’s amazing how the Lord moves. While it took a...

  • Insight - Nov. 7th, 2019

    Episode 4

    Today on Insight, Brother John and Josh Rosenstern put up a red flag, alerting Americans to Socialism. They say Americans must know what is going on in our country’s political system and how this Socialistic flavor is just the transition from Capitalism to Communism. When you look at what is be...

  • Insight - Nov. 6th, 2019

    Episode 5

    Today on Insight, John and Josh Rosenstern applaud the SBN Network and the televising of the Gospel going out all over the world. They encourage everyone to do their part. Brother Josh says the gift of intercessory prayer is a very special calling, and if that is your calling, do not ignore it....

  • Insight - Nov. 5th, 2019

    Episode 6

    Insight begins today with John and Josh Rosenstern discussing the importance of finding a local church that is preaching the Cross of Christ. If you've looked and are discouraged in your searching, remember there are no perfect people. They remind that true fellowship is important for a feeding...

  • Insight - Nov. 4th, 2019

    Episode 7

    Today on Insight, Brother Josh Rosenstern begins with the up coming elections and the border situation. Both Rosensterns agree that those that have been in the United States for some time illegally need to be acknowledged first, as to getting legal. Brother John says we need to keep some contro...

  • Insight - Oct. 31st, 2019

    Episode 8

    Today on Insight the Rosensterns update us on the impeachment proceedings in Washington. Brother Josh likens the proceedings to a witch-hunt, saying the process is almost laughable. Brother Josh points specifically to the move to produce years of President Trump’s financial and tax documents, wh...

  • Insight Oct. 30th, 2019

    Episode 9

    Today on Insight, John and Josh Rosenstern discuss the culture of hate in the Middle East, as they look at the Trump administration’s efforts to support peace there. As the Nation of Israel gets it’s government in order with just who will be the leading party and who will be the Prime Minister, ...

  • Insight Oct. 29th, 2019

    Episode 10

    Today on Insight, John and Josh Rosenstern discuss the attack on the Christian, as Satan hits hard on family and marriage. Both agree obedience to Christ is first, and there are sacrifices that come out of being called and being obedient to that call. The two look into the Catholic Church with r...

  • Insight Oct. 28th, 2019

    Episode 11

    Today on Insight, John and Josh Rosenstern discuss President Trumps military move over the weekend, which helped to put a major dent in ISIS. The death of Abu bakr al-Baghdadi, is resulting in more negative media comments against President Trump, as expected. Not so much for what he did but wha...

  • Insight Oct. 25th, 2019

    Episode 12

    Today on INSIGHT, John and Josh Rosenstern give an update on a Dallas court case. In the case, of a seven-year-old boy’s gender status being decided by 11 of 12 jurors siding in favor of the boy’s mother for a change from male to female. The one small positive in the decision,the mother is givin...

  • Insight Oct. 24th, 2019

    Episode 13

    Today on INSIGHT, John and Josh Rosenstern break down the staggering fiscal debt. It stands at a whopping twenty-four trillion. Brother John reminds, that after the Reagan administration the country’s debt stood at just one trillion. But with ten-trillion racking up during the Obama administra...

  • Insight Oct. 23rd, 2019

    Episode 14

    Should a parent have the right to decide if they’re seven year old child should transition from a male to a female? Today John and Josh Rosenstern look inside a Dallas courtroom where eleven of twelve jurors decided just that. Today’s Insight program addresses the topic of gender dysphoria, whic...

  • Insight Oct. 22nd, 2019

    Episode 15

    Today on INSIGHT, John and Josh Rosenstern turn their attention to Israel. After the general election ended in a deadlock, as Prime Minister Netanyahu did not get a majority coalition formed. The Rosensterns point to another possible election in March if a coalition is not formed. What lies ahead...

  • Insight Oct. 21st, 2019

    Episode 16

    Today on INSIGHT, John and Josh Rosenstern settle into the Gospel and the presence of the Holy Spirit. John Rosenstern shares how believers need to come together as things in our country and government seem to look impossible. He says just watch as Jesus steps in. Josh Rosenstern addresses risi...

  • Insight Oct. 16th, 2019

    Episode 17

    The 2020 Presidential election is a premier topic for John and Josh Rosenstern. Today they discuss what you, the Christian voter, needs to know. The Rosenstern’s believe it’s time for pastors to stand and to preach biblical truths like never before. Topics of discussion: Abortion Vs. Women’s righ...

  • Insight Oct. 11th, 2019

    Episode 18

    Josh Rosenstern continues his explanation of the cases of alleged sexual discrimination currently being looked at by the Supreme Court. Josh additionally explains the history of religious liberty in the United States and looks at the true meaning of the phrase "the separation of church and state".

  • Insight Oct. 10th, 2019

    Episode 19

    Today, Josh Rosenstern looks at several court cases of alleged workplace discrimination based off of the individuals' sexual orientations. These cases are currently being heard by the Supreme Court. Josh explains the possible ramifications of these cases and looks at what the Bible says concernin...

  • Insight Oct. 9th, 2019

    Episode 20

    Today, Josh Rosenstern hosts the program and discusses the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, also known as the Day of Atonement. He explains the typology found in the ceremonies of the Day of Atonement and shows how it was fulfilled in the atoning death of Jesus Christ on the cross. Josh further give...

  • Insight Oct. 8th, 2019

    Episode 21

    John and Josh Rosenstern address President Trump's recent decision to withdraw troops from northern Syria. This action would remove American military protection of the Kurds who would then be threatened by Turkish military action. John and Josh weigh in on this complex situation and endeavor to e...

  • Insight Oct. 7th, 2019

    Episode 22

  • Insight Oct. 4th, 2019

    Episode 23

    Today, John and Josh Rosenstern look at the current situation of the protests in Hong Kong and the encroaching power of China. John and Josh discuss the younger generations' lack of appreciation for the freedoms in the United States and further implore Americans to not let their liberties be take...

  • Insight Oct. 3rd, 2019

    Episode 24

    On today's program, John and Josh Rosenstern discuss the recent heartbeat bill passed in Georgia and how it was blocked in the courts through the efforts of Planed Parenthood and the ACLU. John and Josh explain the evils of abortion and the power that the supreme court has in the abortion issue.