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Insight - May 1st, 2020

Up Next in 2020

  • Insight - Apr. 30th, 2020

    Today on Insight, Josh Rosenstern updates us on the United State’s federal debt. As it is climbing, now over 23-trillion; due to the tax revenue falling and federal spending rising in response to COVID19. Brother Josh says we must look to our Congressmen and women to make the right decisions to ...

  • Insight - Apr. 29th, 2020

    Today on Insight, Josh Rosenstern explains his stand on unemployment, in response to an Email. Brother Josh has voiced his concern for those Americans who are receiving unemployment during this time of crisis is fine for the short term. His concern is over long term shutdown resulting in an apa...

  • Insight - Apr. 28th, 2020

    During this time of needing wisdom, today on Insight, Brother Josh Rosenstern takes us to the Book of Proverbs, chapter one verses 24 through 30. He says scripture is clear; the Lord beckons all people to seek Him like never before, particularly calling the church to get wise to just what God is...