Sunday Evening Service

Sunday Evening Service

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The SonLife Broadcasting Network features the Family Worship Center Church services, a multi-cultural, non-denominational congregation. Drawing congregants from all ages, ethnic backgrounds, social backgrounds and classes, this unique Church offers an opportunity for everyone to feel welcome and a part of something very special. The state of the art facility provides opportunity for an interactive experience which allows the viewer to feel like they were right there with the other congregants. Services include both music and messages that are sure to reach out and lift up the viewer and give them hope and inspiration in a much needed way. Numerous people view the services live on a weekly basis and consider these services as their home church. With a continuous compliment of ministers and speakers, Family Worship Center Live will always bring an assortment of style and content sure to keep the viewers attention.

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Sunday Evening Service
  • Sunday Evening Service - Dec. 29th, 2019

    Episode 1

    Tonight, Dale Usey ministers from Mark 10:46-52 and preaches on the ability of Jesus Christ to solve the issues of the human life. Dale relates how the message of the cross has affected his own life and ministry and further explains why the believer can rest in the victory provided by the atoneme...

  • Sunday Evening Service - Dec. 22nd, 2019

    Episode 2

    "That no man take thy crown" Tonight, Dr. Don Paul Gray reads from 1 Timothy 6:11-12 and Revelation 3:11 and deals with the spiritual attack that the church is currently experiencing in America. Dr. Gray additionally teaches on spiritual warfare and explains the "Seven Weapons of Spiritual Warfar...

  • Sunday Evening Service - Dec. 15th, 2019

    Episode 3

    "From Cursed to Blessed" Josh Rosenstern ministers this evening from Deuteronomy 11:26-29 and deals with the mountains of blessing and of cursing. Josh explains the curse of the broken law and looks at the third mountain, Mount Calvary, where Jesus Christ paid the penalty of the broken law throug...

  • Sunday Evening Service - Dec. 8th, 2019

    Episode 4

    Tonight, Sonlife Broadcasting Network presents A Christmas Celebration 2019. Join the congregation of Family Worship Center for a night filled with Christmas music, praise and worship, and the telling of the Christmas story.

  • Sunday Evening Service - Dec. 1st, 2019

    Episode 5

    "It is not to late" Tonight, Paris Ragan reads from Mark 5:21-24, 35-42 and preaches on the healing of Jairus' daughter. Paris looks at the faith of Jairus and how this faith was tested. Jairus had faith that his daughter could be healed, but Jesus asked him to have faith that she could raised fr...

  • Sunday Evening Service - Nov. 17th, 2019

    Episode 6

    William Federer teaches on American history and on the Christian foundation of the United States of America. He further lays out a summary of human history and deals with the propensity of humanity to try to consolidate power into a single government.

  • Sunday Evening Service - Nov. 3rd, 2019

    Episode 8

    David Borg ministers from 2 Chronicles 7:14 and 16:9 and preaches on the subject of prayer and intercession. He explains the importance of prayer and the need for Christians to humble themselves and to repent. It is God's desire to work in the world and in the lives of His people, but Christians ...

  • Sunday Evening Service - Oct. 27th , 2019

    Episode 9

    "How to Sleep in Your Storm" Tonight, Evangelist Jason Stidham preaches on Jesus' calming of the storm and reads from the parallel passages of Matthew 8:23-27, Luke 8:22-25, and Mark 4:35-41. Jason deals with the reality that obeying the will of God will always lead to resistance in this life. He...

  • Sunday Evening Service - Oct. 20th, 2019

    Episode 10

    "Just Jesus" Loren Larson ministers this evening from 2 Corinthians 3:12-18 and teaches on the New Covenant. Loren explains how the individual can only be transformed by the working of the Holy Spirit which is made possible due to the atonement of Jesus Christ. He additionally deals with how the ...

  • Sunday Evening Service - Oct. 13th, 2019

    Episode 11

    "Where are you sitting?" Sharon Cornell ministers from Luke 10:38-42 and preaches on resting in the presence of God. Sharon explains how that one thing is needful and that is to come and to sit at Jesus' feet. Christians ought to desire the continuous presence of God in their hearts and lives.

  • Sunday Evening Service - Oct. 6th, 2019

    Episode 12

    "Trials, Tests, and there is a Purpose" Keith Babin ministers this evening from James 1:1-5 and deals with the sanctification and the spiritual maturity of the believer. He explains the way in which the believer is conformed into the image of Jesus Christ and addresses the trials and tests that a...

  • Sunday Evening Service - Sept. 29th, 2019

    Episode 13

    "I shall be whole" Tonight, Torrance Nash reads from Mark 5:25-34 and preaches on the healing of the woman with the issue of blood. He looks at the faith of the woman to believe that simply touching Jesus Christ would heal her body. Likewise, Christians need to be willing to push through all of t...

  • Sunday Evening Service - Sept. 22nd, 2019

    Episode 14

    "God is Faithful" This evening, Bob Cornell ministers from 1 Corinthians 10:13 and preaches on the faithfulness of God. Bob explains how suicide is never the answer and teaches on how Jesus Christ has provided a means of escape by way of His atonement on the cross.

  • Sunday Evening Service - Sept. 8th, 2019

    Episode 16

    Dave Smith reads from Matthew 14:29-31 and ministers on the problems and the situations that believers will face in this life. Dave looks at the storms of life and explains how that believers can walk on their storms. Despite what it might seem in the natural, God is in control over the storms in...

  • Sunday Evening Service - Sept. 1st, 2019

    Episode 17

    "Bring back the Ark" Josh Rosenstern ministers this evening from 2 Samuel 6:12-14 and preaches on the need of the church to return to the truth of the word of God. Josh looks at the account of David's efforts to bring the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem and explains how that a move of God can on...

  • Sunday Evening Service - Aug 25th, 2019

    Episode 18

    "The First Pentecostal" This evening, Jospeh Larson reads from Mark 2:10-12 and preaches on the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Jesus was the first Pentecostal. We must look at His life and ministry to understand how the timing of God and the power of God works as it regards the believer who has been...

  • Sunday Evening Service - Aug. 18th, 2019

    Episode 19

    "Hope for the Believer" This evening, Loren Larson reads Job 14:1-10 and teaches on the life of Job. He deals with the reality that bad things will happen to good people and further explains why God sees fit at times to bring the believer through trials and difficulties.

  • Sunday Evening Service - Aug.11th, 2019

    Episode 20

    "Standing strong in the midst of the storm" Dr. Don Paul Gray ministers this evening from Hebrews 11:33-34 and 2 Peter 1:4 deals with the storms of life. Dr. Gray looks at the storms of suffering and of loss that believers go through in this life and points the suffering Christian to the arms of ...

  • Sunday Evening Service - Aug. 4th, 2019

    Episode 21

    David Borg reads Ephesians 5:14-18 and addresses the reasons for why many Pentecostals are not living a Spirit controlled life. Many Christians have placed their focus on their initial experience when they were baptized in the Holy Spirit and are not seeking the Holy Spirit's control in their dai...

  • Sunday Evening Service - Jul. 28th, 2019

    Episode 22

    Torrance Nash ministers during the final service of International Youth Conference 2019 and preaches from Acts 16:16-20. He deals with the fact that wherever the gospel is preached, the place will be troubled as a result of the gospel. It is the responsibility of the church to take the gospel to ...

  • Sunday Evening Service - Jul. 21st, 2019

    Episode 23

    Dave Smith ministers from Ephesians 5:21-32 and teaches on the biblical meaning of submission. Dave further lays out the ways in which the wife is to be a help to her husband within the context of a Christian marriage.

  • Sunday Evening Service - Jul. 7th, 2019

    Episode 24

    "The Overcomer" This evening, Joseph Larson ministers from Revelation 2:1-7 and deals with how many Christians have lost their "first love" and have embraced false doctrine and carnality. Joseph further explains how the believer can become an overcomer, which is to repent and to heed the rebuke o...

  • Sunday Evening Service - Jun. 30th, 2019

    Episode 25

    "The weapons of our warfare are not carnal" Tonight, Josh Rosenstern ministers from Joshua 6:20 and preaches a message of encouragement to the Body of Christ. Josh addresses the problems of spiritual depression, oppression, and opposition and explains how the believer can have victory over these ...

  • Sunday Evening Service - Jun. 23rd, 2019

    Episode 26

    This evening, Dale Usey ministers from Acts 17:16, 18:5, and 19:21. He addresses the problem in the church of using worldly methods to try and win the world and as well stresses the need to preach the cross. Dale further deals with three steps to bring revival as seen in the ministry of the Apost...