Sunday Morning Service

Sunday Morning Service

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The SonLife Broadcasting Network features the Family Worship Center Church services, a multi-cultural, non-denominational congregation. Drawing congregants from all ages, ethnic backgrounds, social backgrounds and classes, this unique Church offers an opportunity for everyone to feel welcome and a part of something very special. The state of the art facility provides opportunity for an interactive experience which allows the viewer to feel like they were right there with the other congregants. Services include both music and messages that are sure to reach out and lift up the viewer and give them hope and inspiration in a much needed way. Numerous people view the services live on a weekly basis and consider these services as their home church. With a continuous compliment of ministers and speakers, Family Worship Center Live will always bring an assortment of style and content sure to keep the viewers attention.

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Sunday Morning Service
  • Sunday Morning Service - Mar. 31st, 2019

    Episode 26

    "The Spirit of the Lord came upon David from that day forward" Brother Donnie ministers this morning from 1 Samuel 16:11-13 and preaches on the anointing and calling of David. Studying the lives of believers in the Bible shows Christians today that God has a plan and a calling for every single be...

  • Sunday Morning Service - Mar. 24th, 2019

    Episode 27

    There is no preaching in this morning service as the Holy Spirit is allowed to take over the service in the praise and worship.

  • Sunday Morning Service - Mar 17th, 2019

    Episode 28

    "I've got a Reason to Preach" Pastor J. Don George ministers this morning from Isaiah 6:1-9 and deals with the call of God on the individual. Preaching is not something that can be done halfheartedly. The preacher must be called by God to preach. Preaching must be God called, compelled, and commi...

  • Sunday Morning Service - Mar. 10th, 2019

    Episode 29

    "Facing the Inward Foe" Pastor Gabe ministers this morning again from 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 and deals with bondage in the believer's life. Every Christian will experience spiritual warfare, but they cannot gain victory over the issue by doing Christian disciplines. Believers cannot win spiritual b...

  • Sunday Morning Service - Mar. 3rd, 2019

    Episode 30

    "The Wait is Over" Brother Donnie ministers this morning from Acts 1:4-5 and preaches on the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Brother Donnie deals with whether or not natural disasters are God's punishment for sin. God does not bring natural disasters, but He will allow them. Brother Donnie further de...

  • Sunday Morning Service - Feb. 24th, 2019

    Episode 31

    "Go and Show" Pastor Gabe ministers this morning from Matthew 11:1-5 and deals with the life and ministry of John the Baptist. After John the Baptist was imprisoned, he expressed doubts that Jesus Christ was the Messiah. Jesus' response to his doubts was the reality of people being healed and the...

  • Sunday Morning Service - Feb. 17th, 2019

    Episode 32

    "Chain Breaker" Brother Donnie ministers from Mark 5:1-4. All of the war, famine, addiction, racism, and bondage in the world is because of sin. Even in the Pentecostal church, genuine believers are bound by the bondages of sin. Fads, man-made techniques, and Christian disciplines cannot break th...

  • Sunday Morning Service - Feb, 10th, 2019

    Episode 33

    "Facing the Inward Foe" Pastor Gabe ministers from 2 Corinthians 10:3-5. He addresses the issue that before we can see the defeat of the outward foes in our life, we must first recognize that the inward foe cannot be defeated within our own strength. Pastor Gabe finishes his sermon by sharing the...

  • Sunday Morning Service - Feb, 3rd, 2019

    Episode 34

    The Holy Spirit takes over the service as Brother Walt Mills begins to sing “Love Lifted Me.”

  • Sunday Morning Service - Jan. 27th, 2019

    Episode 35

    “Put Your Hand in the Hand of the Man From Galilee.” Pastor Gabe ministers this morning from Matthew 14:28-31. We must not allow circumstances to bring about doubt.

  • Sunday Morning Service - Jan. 20th, 2019

    Episode 36

    “God Remembers.” Pastor Donnie ministers this morning from Exodus 1:15-22. Meaning that this is what the Lord told them to do, and He blessed them for their obedience.

  • Sunday Morning Service - Jan. 13th, 2019

    Episode 37

    “Blessing in the Midst of Persecution.” Pastor Donnie ministers this morning from Exodus 1:9-11. The ruins of these two cities exist presently and, in fact, the latter was the residence of the Court.

  • Sunday Morning Service - Jan. 6th, 2019

    Episode 0

    “Your Storm Will Not Last Forever.” Pastor Gabe ministers this morning from Matthew 14:22-27. We are to face adverse circumstances with cheer, knowing the Lord will handle the situation.