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Insight - Sep. 16th, 2020

Up Next in 2020

  • Insight - Sep. 11th, 2020

    Today is the 19th commemoration of the 9-11 terror attacks on the United States. Today on Insight, Josh Rosenstern remembers, as a middleschooler, watching television, and seeing the hijacked planes flying into the Twin Towers in New York City. Honor and respect goes out to the lives of so many...

  • Insight - Sep. 10th, 2020

    Today on Insight, John and Josh Rosenstern discuss the healing power of God, and how the COVID19 pandemic has contributed to changes in our society for the worse, like the financial hardships that have come and other fears that go beyond health concerns. Brother John says the Lord is preserving...

  • Insight - Sep. 9th, 2020

    There is the bias of the past; and a victim mentality should not, and does not define any one segment of the population. Today on Insight, Josh Rosenstern addresses this idea and also speaks to the idea that the LGBTQ community is not a race. He says this idea is being pushed on the political f...