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Crossfire Ministries - Feb 13th, 2020

Up Next in 2020

  • Crossfire Ministries - Feb. 6th, 2020

    Tonight Pastor Torrance Nash, lifts up Mark 4:35-41. Brother Nash says every believer, who's faith is in the blood of Jesus Christ, will go through storms in this life. He says our trust and reliance on God will be tested. Brother Nash, says we must remember, when the apostles were in the stor...

  • Crossfire Ministries - Jan. 30th, 2020

    Tonight Pastor Wilson Abreu addresses being in the will of God and being in God’s process, not our own process. He says we must be fulfilling God's purpose. Brother Abreu says despite our sin, that we came to the Lord with, the Lord cleanses all sin when we come to Him. Matthew 4:19, tells us ...

  • Crossfire Ministries - Jan. 23rd, 2020

    “Searching for the will of God for your life” Brother Gabe begins with the second missionary journey of the Apostle Paul, and the events leading up to his journey. In Acts 16:7, Brother Gabe preaches on how the Holy Spirit spoke to the Apostle Paul, when he was heading Eastward, to Ephesus. Bu...