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Insight - Jul, 23rd, 2019


Up Next in 2019

  • Insight - Jul. 22nd, 2019

    On today's program, John Rosenstern explains the history of the people referred to as Palestinians and shows how they do not have a legitimate claim to the land of Israel. John as well deals with the agenda of the progressive Democrats and of the BDS movement and looks more at some of the stateme...

  • Insight - Jul. 17th, 2019

    Join John Rosenstern on today's program as he addresses and breaks down recent events in the political sphere. He explains President Trump's recent controversial tweets and looks at the response of the Democrats. John further deals with the socialist stances that are held by Representative Ilhan ...

  • Insight - Jul 12th, 2019

    Today, John and Josh Rosenstern explain the land situation in Israel and how the land has been divided. John and Josh as well delve into the history of the various radical Muslim groups that for generations have worked to destroy Israel.