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One of several programs for youth and young adults with Pastor Gabriel Swaggart and Pastor Paris Ragan. Crossfire Live is a broadcast taken from our live youth service. This allows our viewers to experience these services just as if they were a member of the youth group.

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  • Crossfire Ministries - Apr. 16th, 2020

    Episode 25

    What is your perspective of that which God has for you? Brother Bob Cornell reminds how our faith can come under attack by the lies of Satan. When we believe a lie, our whole perspective can change. We can believe God one day, and not the next day. We must know the truth, or we will be deceiv...

  • Crossfire Ministries - Apr. 9th, 2020

    Episode 26

    Perfect Love Casts Out Fear. Tonight Pastor Gabriel Swaggart teaches from 1 John 4:4. He encourages that there has never been a problem that God cannot solve. Brother Gabe says as a Child of God, you have a divine protection around you. Because of what Christ accomplished on Calvary’s Cross, ...

  • Crossfire Ministries - Mar. 12th, 2020

    Episode 27

    There is a sin nature, but there is also grace. Do you know how to be free from the sin nature? Today Pastor Paris Ragan preaches from Romans 5:20-21 and Romans 6:1-2. Brother Paris says, just because God is blessing you in your life, it does not mean you are living right. We have to learn ho...

  • Crossfire Ministries - Feb. 27th, 2020

    Episode 29

    “Come Over and Help Us” Pastor Gabe preaches from Acts 16:8-10, where Paul wanted to go east, but the Holy Spirit said no; you must go west. Brother Gabe, says Paul wanted to reach a few cities with the gospel, but God was going to open up a whole continent to him. Jesus said, go out into all ...

  • Crossfire Ministries - Feb 13th, 2020

    Episode 30

    “Not dead, just asleep” Pastor Steven Alexander preaches from Mark 5:21-24 & 35-43. Brother Steven says for Jarius to come to Christ, he had to have humility, and of course, desperation to reach Jesus and beg Him to come and save his dying daughter. On the way, to Jarius’s house, Jesus heals th...

  • Crossfire Ministries - Feb. 6th, 2020

    Episode 31

    Tonight Pastor Torrance Nash, lifts up Mark 4:35-41. Brother Nash says every believer, who's faith is in the blood of Jesus Christ, will go through storms in this life. He says our trust and reliance on God will be tested. Brother Nash, says we must remember, when the apostles were in the stor...

  • Crossfire Ministries - Jan. 30th, 2020

    Episode 32

    Tonight Pastor Wilson Abreu addresses being in the will of God and being in God’s process, not our own process. He says we must be fulfilling God's purpose. Brother Abreu says despite our sin, that we came to the Lord with, the Lord cleanses all sin when we come to Him. Matthew 4:19, tells us ...

  • Crossfire Ministries - Jan. 23rd, 2020

    Episode 33

    “Searching for the will of God for your life” Brother Gabe begins with the second missionary journey of the Apostle Paul, and the events leading up to his journey. In Acts 16:7, Brother Gabe preaches on how the Holy Spirit spoke to the Apostle Paul, when he was heading Eastward, to Ephesus. Bu...

  • Crossfire Ministries - Jan. 9th, 2020

    Episode 34

    "The Council at Jerusalem" This evening, Pastor Gabe travels through Acts 15:1-20 and continues his teaching through the narrative of the Book of Acts. Pastor Gabe looks at how the Judaizers began preaching in churches established by Paul and explains how they began to teach law and legalism as t...